Miami’s Coral Castle – A Modern Stonehenge

Coral_Castle_3Dr. Frankenstein had his monster; Ed Leedskalnin had his coral castle. Or so you would think researching the mysterious, almost fantastical, coral castle located in Miami, Florida. It is like America‚Äôs Stonehenge- though we know the builder. The mystery is in the construction of the castle. From 1923 to 1951, Latvian native Ed Leedskalnin, would only work from midnight to 6 AM on his castle- nobody ever caught him at work. [Read more…]

Scuba Diving St. Croix

scuba diving at st croixListed in the top 10 American scuba diving destinations, St. Croix offers a variety of dives and plenty of colorful reef and aqua life. The barrier reef surrounding St. Croix Island is the largest of any Carribean Island, as well as the healthiest and most well developed. The reef starts at a depth of 30 feet, the Cane Bay wall drops several thousand feet below depths safe to dive. Sea horses, sea turtles, and thousands of tropical fish are [Read more…]