Fire Danger for Travellers

Drought MonitorAs temperatures rise to record levels and water tables drop to record lows in the Western United States, adventurers and tourists alike must factor potential fire danger into their travel plans. The cozy campfire and smores you might have been imagining for your backpacking trip may be banned in the area you planned to explore. [Read more…]

11 Services Airlines No Longer Offer

Air travel has changed significantly over the last 50 years. What once was a luxury event for which customers dressed to the 9’s is now little more than the shuffling of human cattle through gates and crammingAirplane Services them into tiny uncomfortable seats for their journey.

In this funny article, 11 Things We No Longer See on Airplanes, Kara Kovalchik recounts some of the more luxurious services that were once common place for air travel. [Read more…]